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We offer unparalleled value to our partners through relevant engagement and advisory by our community and team, and in turn continuously deliver world class investment opportunities for our members.

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Vision & Execution

vVv seeks early partnerships with validated companies and in return provides value via our B2B, tokenomics and institutional connections to increase a project’s likelihood and scope of success.

Our diverse community, composed of highly educated, experienced, & qualified individuals, is pivotal to our methodology. It’s important that our community always has a voice in all stages of our process – from start to finish.

Diligent Research

We don’t partner with just any project, and we have no incentive to do so. Every project proposal at vVv is vetted extensively. We pride ourselves on procuring best-in-class partnerships through a rigorous and systematic review process led by our research team. 

The vVv research team is composed of highly experienced blockchain and tech analysts who have been working within the blockchain space for many years. To ensure quality in our results, our research workflow follows the scientific methodology of a thesis and narrative-driven approach backed by evidence — utilizing a 2-stage peer-reviewed due diligence process.

Our Portfolio


Nillion is the first fully decentralized, trustless, and permissionless multi-party computing network that changes how users and businesses authenticate & interact with data.

Snickerdoodle Labs

Using blockchain technology to build a data economy that protects user privacy & distributes value to all stakeholders, including the data owners.


peaq provides everything you need to build people-powered applications for vehicles, robots, and devices on a people-powered blockchain network.

Auki Labs

A peer-to-peer positioning framework which enables effortlessly sharable AR experiences, and will one day replace the GPS.


NFTfi allows borrowers to use the NFTs they own to access the liquidity they need – in a safe, secure and anonymous way.

Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia is a blockchain-based Clash of Clans style base builder RTS game. Players use their base and army to battle other players.


AAA video game developer passionate about creating next-generation experiences that players will remember forever.


Build a network which provides connectivity for IoT devices through smartphones. Users get incentivized by token rewards to ensure network viability.


Building the first Turing-complete Ethereum L2 with data privacy by default, enabling a new generation of use cases for DeFi, NFTs, Gaming and more.


Building a unified developer experience for cross chain dapps, streamlining everything from low-level encoding to user interfaces and wallets adapters.


Formless Inc. is a company that aims to disrupt the Web3 media industry through its SHARE protocol and Formless dapp.


SYNTHR is a cross-chain synthetic assets protocol that aims to provide users with the ability to mint and trade synthetic assets on the blockchain.

vVv's distinct position as a community venture capital firm sets them apart from traditional VC firms. vVv's blend of financial backing and community engagement make them a valuable partner in our early growth.

Gavin ThomasCEO, Obscuro

We are super keen to have vVv as early adopters and users and to get your feedback on the product, data, wallet, and a lot of these applications. I look forward to working closely with vVv over the coming months.

Jonathan PadillaCEO & Co-Founder, Snickerdoodle Labs

vVv is a rare community in a crowded space. Thoughtful, engaged, and proactive, the members of vVv are some of the most dedicated people you’ll find.

Nils PihlFounder & CEO, Auki Labs

The Team

Sean Marcel


Helena Hae

Client Services

Christian Paine

Academy Mentor

Mario Merkis

Community Manager

Leon Betsch

Academy Mentor


January 29, 2023

IRL Event: Marbella, Spain 2023

Experience the true meaning of community, brotherhood and friendship. Expand your mind and become successful in all areas of your life (health, money, relationships)
January 18, 2023

Alpha Hour: with Ahmed Ben Chaibah

vVv is honored to announce that we will be hosting an Alpha Hour with Emirati entrepreneur and CEO of AquaFun, Ahmed Ben Chaibah

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