Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about vVv and get all your questions answered.


What are the Benefits of Joining vVv?

vVv is a community-driven NFT-based venture capital fund focusing on early-stage blockchain, network, infrastructure, and gaming companies.

  • Wide range of investment allocations ($100 – $10,000)
  • 0% fees
  • 100% transparency
  • Self-custody of your tokens
  • All projects are vetted and undergo rigorous due diligence by the vVv research lab prior to being presented to the community 
  • Objective research reports for each project 
  • Weekly townhalls and AMAs with project founders/CEO
  • Membership in the best entrepreneurial and investor community in web3 among high caliber and uber successful individuals
  • Community-centric approach to investments 
  • Automatic whitelist to the vVv blockchain fund in Q1 2023 for staking a vVv Season 1 NFT 
  • Comprehensive vVv dashboard for investment overview, project details, wallet management, vesting schedule and allocation claims
  • vVv academy lessons and mentoring to bolster self-confidence and increase personal and professional success
  • vVv research academy taught by Chief Research Officier, Andy Pensold, and other research analysts on project vetting and research analysis

What is Our Research Process?

vVv prides itself on our peer-reviewed research process.

The invest alongside Animoca trend plagues the cryptocurrency space and instills a top-heavy investor herd mentality. This approach assumes that these prestigious venture capital firms and hedge funds perform sufficient due diligence and offer insights in their investment portfolios. In our interactions with other venture capital firms, we discovered that many top firms perform ZERO due diligence before investing. 

Every project proposal at vVv proceeds through the research workflow. vVv prides itself on vetting and procuring the best-in-class deals through a rigorous and systematic review process led by the vVv Research Lab team.

  • $30,000 monthly expense to support vVv’s dedicated Research Lab team 
  • vVv research workflow follows the scientific methodology of a thesis and narrative-driven approach backed by evidence 
  • vVv research team’s main priority is to identify potential risks 
  • 2-stage peer-reviewed due diligence process
  • Monthly review of 700+ projects
  • 99.995% rejection rate of project proposals
  • 1 out of 200 investment proposals make it to the second stage of the peer-review process

How Does vVv Procure the Best Deals?

Projects that pass our 2-stage review process are transferred to the vVv outreach team. They leverage the professional and technical expertise of the vVv community and an unrelenting determination to secure deals in over-subscribed and closed rounds. Capital investment is often not the most important factor for top projects which have already raised significant capital. Instead, they seek value-added strategic partnerships. 

What is a Launchpad?

Launchpads are platforms that allow early-stage blockchain-based projects to raise capital before a token’s public release (ICO/IGO/IDO). 

Current problems with launchpads

  • Most blockchain and cryptocurrency launchpads are heavily skewed towards early adopters and large token or capital holders.
  • Token-based tiered allocation systems are a high barrier to entry for the average investor.
  • Popularity and large customer bases of most launchpads result in a high opportunity cost where large sums of staked tokens yield very small ICO/IGO allocations. 

Example: In Seedify’s 9 tier system, tier 2 staking of 1,000 $SFUND is the first guaranteed tier, resulting in a $20-40 allocation. In comparison to tier 9, the top tier with a minimum of 100,000 staked $SFUND, and a $2,000-4,000 allocation.

  • Many launchpads generate revenue by adding a 20-40% token fee on the public sale of tokens to their customers.

What is a Venture Capital Firm?

Venture capital firms (VCs) are private equity investment vehicles that utilize pooled capital from private investors and/or institutional investors into high-risk/high-ROI startups and early-stage companies.

Why is vVv Better Than Launchpads and VC's?

vVv is like a launchpad — but better.

vVv is a community-driven NFT-based venture capital fund focusing on early-stage blockchain, network, infrastructure, and gaming companies.

Our token-less system offers a low barrier to entry to participate in community deals. By utilizing affordable NFTs through our selective minting process, we offer an extremely low opportunity cost to allocation size, allowing even the little fish a chance at a good deal.

Most importantly, there are 0% fees (you pay, what we pay).

The absence of fees removes the monetary incentive for vVv to make deals for the sake of deals. Less is more. Our mission revolves around ensuring we make the right deals. At vVv, we aim to invest in best-in-class projects that pass the scrutiny of our highly dedicated Research Lab.

  • Non-raffle-based allocations for community deals
  • Community voting on deals and ticket size to accommodate community preference and appetite
  • Low barrier to entry to participate in community deals with NFT mint cost at 20-35% of secondary floor price
  • Extremely low opportunity cost to allocation size ($300 dolphin NFT investment for a $1,000 max allocation per community deal)
  • AMAs with founders/CEOs prior to investing in a community deal to address questions/concerns
  • Invest in best-in-class deals that passed the scrutiny of the vVv Research Lab

Why Invest in Early-Stage Funding Rounds?


  • 3-10-fold lower token price in private rounds (pre-seed, seed, and strategic) than the public price (ICO/IDO/IGO) on exchanges or launchpads
  • Participation in equity raises


  • Early-stage investors must adhere to token vesting schedules
  • Earliest rounds are historically reserved for institutional investors and exclude the smaller investors and launchpads
  • Often impossible to secure allocations in high-demand projects unless one is part of a notable venture capital firm or is a value-added partner

How to Participate in vVv Community Deals?

To be eligible to participate in vVv investment opportunities, individuals must fulfill both requirements:

  1. Stake at least (1) vVv Season 1 NFT for a 6 or 12-month period
  2. KYC with Blockpass
  3. Once approved, link your Discord account via this form.

How to KYC with Blockpass?

  1. One must be at least 18 years of age and not reside in any of the following countries: United States, China, Russia, Venezuela, Belarus, Myanmar, Ivory Coast, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Albania, Burundi, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Barbados, Central African Republic, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Jamaica, Cambodia, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Somalia, Serbia, South Sudan, Uganda, British Virgin Islands, Yemen.
  2. Provide the approved KYC documents for one’s specified country. Details here.
  3. Complete vVv KYC on Blockpass here
    *The user wallet provided during the KYC process is the designated token allocation wallet. Users can change wallets on the vVv dashboard portal.
  4. Request KYC role in Discord server [Form]

Can US Citizens Participate? (Yes!)

In compliance with AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) regulations, all US investors can participate via the methods below:  

  1. US Citizens – Accredited Investors
    Please send the proper documentation (tax returns, W-2 forms, letters from reviews by CPAs, tax attorneys, investment brokers, advisors, etc.) via email to kyc@vvv.fund
  2. US Citizens – Business Entities (LLCs and off-shore companies)
    Complete the Google form, attach relevant documentation, and email to kyc@vvv.fund
  3. vVv Raffle tickets
  4. vVv Blockchain Fund (coming soon Q1 2023) 

What Functionalities are Available on the vVv Dashboard Portal?

  • Account-based back-end 
    • Email-linked sign-in
    • Enables use of any wallet at any time and continual change of wallets
    • You can register additional wallets with your KYC and account details
    • Requires initial wallet connection for NFT staking and allocation payment
  • Home page quick links
    • Links to research, town halls, articles, etc, and vVv allocation opportunities
  • Project details 
    • Investment page including a summary, raise information, and schedule
    • Upon claiming an allocation, personal investment details will be visible on this page
  • Automatic calculation
    • Personal minimum and maximum allocation
  • Reservation-based payment system 
    • Guarantees a 30-minute window to complete payment 
  • Token destination wallet setting
    • Ability to set a default wallet and additional named destination wallets for specific token allocations

What is the vVv Blockchain Fund?

The vVv Blockchain Fund allows US citizens and small investors to invest via an SEC complaint method in a pooled venture fund. Investors will include institutional investors, family funds, high-net-worth individuals, and vVv community members. There will be two classes of investors: institutional/private and NFT-powered investors (vVv members). 


  • All investment deals and their allocation size are managed at the complete discretion of the fund
  • Blockchain Fund investments may include deals not available in the vVv community deals (more leverage than community deals)
  • NFT incorporation is solely to accommodate and empower the small investors and US citizens who otherwise would not be able to participate
  • Blockchain Fund NFT launch in Q4 2022
  • Blockchain Fund launch in Q1 2023

What are vVv Raffle Tickets?

vVv raffle tickets allow NFT stakers and holders to gain exposure to vVv investment opportunities with NO KYC, an incredibly low barrier to entry, and the potential for an 8-10x token allocation ROI . 

vVv raffle tickets are a fantastic opportunity for: 

  • US citizens who can not KYC and are not accredited investors or business entities
  • Members who desire more exposure to a specific project above their NFT allocation maximum
  • Members who missed out on an allocation opportunity 
  • Members who want to invest less than the minimum $200 allocation size
  • Members who want to potentially receive a higher token allocation on their investment

Raffle Ticket Details

  • Raffle ticket prices will be in small denominations, which are subject to change
  • Ticket sales will be on a FCFS (first come, first served) basis
  • The maximum number of purchasable tickets is dependent on the amount of NFTs one stakes or holds