vVv Raffle System

Our raffle system is a gamified method to invest in top-tier crypto projects without any barriers to entry.


Up until now, the seed and private rounds of the best projects were inaccessible to average people and exclusive to institutional investors or whales, with very strict processes, lots of bureaucracy, hurdles, and no commonality with the NFT space.

That changes today.

Our novel solution combines the excitement of the NFT space with the upside and professionalism of venture capital.

  • No KYC required
  • Low minimum entry at $10 worth of tickets
  • High maximum purchasing power of $10k+
  • Fair raffles with favorable winning odds
  • Low mint price (up to 80% discount on the current floor)

Do I need to KYC to buy raffle tickets?

No, KYC isn’t required to participate in the raffles.

What are the different types of tickets?

Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Diamond tickets have the most favorable odds and are accessible to those who stake their NFT for 12 months.

What is the price of a ticket?

The price of each ticket is $1. The minimum purchasable amount is 10 tickets for $10.

The maximum amount of purchasable tickets increases based on the number of staked NFTs.

What is the prize for a winning ticket?

Each winning ticket gives you a prepaid allocation of $10.

10 raffle tickets can theoretically result in $100 of prepaid allocation — and that’s without the upside of these early-stage allocations in highly vetted and ultra-high-demand projects.

What are my odds of winning if I buy 10 raffle tickets?

The odds are dependent on the type of tickets purchased, with the Diamond tickets being the most favorable.

Diamond Ticket Example

Each Diamond ticket has a 1 in 10 independent chance of winning.

That means if you purchase 10 tickets, on average, you’ll have one winning ticket.

Please keep in mind that this is a mathematical average and winning will inevitably vary based on your luck. Sometimes you’ll win more, sometimes less.

I want to buy more than 10 tickets. How do I increase my ticket purchasing power?

To increase your ticket purchasing power, you simply mint or buy additional vVv NFTs and stake them.

Each Dolphin increases the limit of purchasable tickets exponentially while sharks & whales have a multiplier effect on the total number of tickets brought by dolphins.

What are the best ways to increase your ticket purchasing power?

  1. Earn a regular Dolphin whitelist spot to mint your dolphins at a 65% discount of the floor price on OpenSea 
  2. Earn the Diamond Fin whitelist role to increase the discount to 80% (click here to find out how to whitelist).
    Mint the max amount of NFTs for the largest savings and highest ticket purchasing power.
    NFTs minted in phase 3 will automatically be staked for 12 months, qualifying them for the Diamond ticket tier and highest odds of winning.
  3. Purchase dolphins, sharks or whale NFTs directly from OpenSea (click here for the official collection).
  4. Trade unstaked dolphin NFTs for a shark NFT. (click here to read more about the Shark Trade)

I have a winning ticket. What are the next steps?

Congratulations! No extra steps or payments are needed. Upon the specific project’s TGE (token generation even), the tokens will be airdropped to your wallet in accordance to the vesting schedule.


Will my odds of winning increase if I buy more tickets?

Purchasing more tickets will probablistically increase the total prize size but will not affect the odds.

How is the ticket purchasing power scaled with respect to staking additional Dolphins?

The purchasing power from staking multiple NFTs increases exponentially.

This is an incredibly rewarding way to maximize the size of the allocation you can win.

  • 1 Dolphin = 10 tickets,
  • 2 Dolphins = 23 tickets
  • 5 Dolphins = 99 tickets

With even greater increases after that.

If there are a limited number of tickets available, will it be FCFS (first come, first served)?

In most instances, you can purchase as many tickets as your purchasing power permits during a specified time window (i.e. a 24-hour window to participate in the raffle).

Usually, vVv matches allocation size to community demand. With the rare exception of very small allocations where it is necessary to limit tickets and switch to a FCFS method.

How is it possible that the amount of tickets is not limited?

When vVv secures a partnership, we are often given an allocation range. To accommodate everyone, the final allocation we arrange is the sum of the direct investments, total tickets sold, and total tickets won.