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SYNTHR is a cross-chain synthetic assets protocol that aims to provide users with the ability to mint and trade synthetic assets on the blockchain. Synthetic assets are digital representations of real-world assets, such as stocks, commodities, or indices. By creating synthetic assets, users can gain exposure to these assets without actually owning them, opening up new possibilities for investing and trading.

This is a brief teaser of our research report on SYNTHR. For access to the full report please contact


The traditional financial system is limited in its ability to provide easy access to trading and investing in a diverse range of assets. Investment opportunities are often limited to high-net-worth individuals or require extensive knowledge and resources to access. Additionally, trading fees and slippage can eat away at investment returns.


SYNTHR aims to address these limitations by providing an open and accessible cross-chain synthetic assets protocol. With SYNTHR, users can create and trade synthetic assets that represent real-world assets without actually owning them. This allows for greater accessibility to a wide range of assets, while reducing costs and improving liquidity. All transactions are settled on-chain and users have the ability to mint synthetic assets with zero slippage. This opens up new opportunities for trading and investing for people who may have been previously excluded from traditional financial systems.


The SYNTHR protocol has its native token, also named SYNTHR. The token serves multiple purposes within the ecosystem. It can be used for staking, providing liquidity in various pools, and participating in governance decisions. Holders of the SYNTHR token may also be eligible for rewards and incentives within the platform.

The Team

Nitin Kanara, one of the founders of SYNTHR, is an experienced professional in private banking and investment. With a strong background in relationship management, financial analysis, and portfolio management, Nitin brings valuable insights to the project. He has held senior roles at reputable institutions such as UBS and ICICI Bank. Nitin’s passion for decentralized finance (DeFi) led him to become a DeFi analyst and advocate. As a self-starter and effective communicator, he aims to transform the trading landscape by creating an omni-accessible market through SYNTHR.

Ritwik Rudra is the Co-Founder of Synthr, a blockchain-based synthetic asset protocol. With a diverse background in blockchain, crypto, fintech, and insurtech, Ritwik brings a range of expertise to the table. He has experience in strategy, business development, marketing, product development, and P&L management. Ritwik played a significant role in launching the business of in the Middle East and was later appointed as the business head for the life insurance vertical. He also co-founded, a social media platform for school students that was acquired by a prominent sports and event management company in India. Ritwik’s commitment to making a positive impact is evident from his volunteer work with underprivileged students and his involvement in fundraising and awareness campaigns for an animal care center. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Hindu College, University of Delhi.


Omnichain Synthetics – Slippage Free, Unchained Liquidity



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This is a brief teaser of our research report on SYNTHR. For access to the full report please contact The content provided here is for educational purposes only and should not be used to make investment decisions.